Furniture Hire Johannesburg

Are you planning an event or short term relocation to Johannesburg? There are many reputable furniture hire companies that assist you with all your furniture rental needs.  They offer you high quality furniture rental solutions to fill your temporary needs as well as personalized furniture rental advice and installation of rental furniture for your homes and events. Contact them today if you want to hire furniture for your home, office, dorm, event, or home staging.


Rain Productions

Rental furniture or to be more quality rental furniture is somewhat hard to find, but Rain Productions has made finding this type of furniture in Johannesburg a real breeze. Here at Rain Productions, you can find a wide array of f...

Attica Furniture Hire

Attica is a well known furniture rental company in Johannesburg city of South Africa. Here you can find many different items for hire, including chairs, tables, bedroom sets, dining room furniture etc. It’s indeed an ideal ...

Designa Chair Hire

Design a Chair Hire is a popular name when it comes to finding quality rental furniture items at reasonable price. Their furniture items can be hired in Johannesburg as well as other parts of South Africa. They offer a wide range ...

Furniture Rentals

One of the best sources for renting of domestic furniture in South Africa, as they have been offering quality furnishing items in Johannesburg as well as many other parts of the country. They offer furniture rental items to those ...